Utilizing a Systematic Method for Real Estate Transactions

Home Selling Process Preparing Your Home for Sale


The most important thing to understand and know about buyers is that: Most buyers do not have visualization skills; they can’t see past clutter and uncleanliness. Buyers are looking for their next place to call home. The items listed below may or may not pertain to your property, but please give each of them an objective review. The list is not meant to offend anyone but rather is designed to put your property in top marketing condition. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes as everyone wants to find the best buy for the money. Since you’ll want top dollar for your property, bring it up to top-dollar value.


Home Buying Process

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Moving Checklist

General Items

  • Don’t burn incense – Light scented candles are nice.
  • Clean windows – Buyers will look out the windows to see the view.
  • Clean light fixtures and make sure that all burned-out bulbs are replaced.
  • Turn on light classical music for showings.
  • Tighten up all doorknobs.
  • Keep pets and children under control and out of the way.


  • Keep lawn in good repair – Cut, fertilize, and edge regularly.
  • Mend fences as needed.
  • Remove any debris cluttering the yard.
  • Paint as needed the shutters, trim, entire property if needed, and especially the front door.
  • Remove any decorative items that you plan to take with you.
  • Keep cars in the garage – Put the property in the spotlight.
  • Remove grease spots from the garage and/or driveway.
  • Clear out the garage for the look of space.
  • In the wintertime, please make sure to remove snow from the sidewalk to avoid any accidents.


  • Air out the room before showings – Remember: Prospective buyers may not be used to cigarette, pet, or baby odors.
  • Open curtains to allow the sunlight to come in and enlarge the rooms.
  • Shampoo carpets if needed – The cost will be well worth it.
  • Spot clean walls – especially by light switches and doors.
  • Remove any excess furniture that makes the room seem smaller.
  • Keep chairs pushed into dining room table and furniture straightened.


  • Keep kitchen countertops free from as many objects as possible, such as toasters, blenders, mail, schoolbooks, etc.
  • Remove unneeded items from the cupboards and pack them.
  • Use air fresheners to remove odors – you may notice odors if you have been in the home all day.
  • Clean and wax floors – I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH.
  • Clean appliances, especially the oven. New burner pans may be needed and are very inexpensive.
  • Take out the garbage – an often forgotten item.
  • Fix any damaged doors and/or drawers.
  • Leaky faucets should be fixed and will be required by the appraiser when your home sells.
  • Use liquid gold or a similar product to brighten the cabinets.
  • Fix damaged windows and/or sliding glass hardware.



  • Keep a set of guest towels on hand to put out before showings.
  • Open the shower curtain to enlarge the room.
  • Does the shower curtain need to be replaced?
  • Replace worn or broken stool covers.
  • Scrub the tile and caulking and remove mineral deposits and grime.
  • Fill in or replace unsightly caulking.


  • Remember general spot cleaning on walls, carpets, etc.
  • Remove out-of-season clothing from closets and pack them – you’ll be moving soon, and buyers like to see ample closet space.
  • Have the beds made and with shades and curtains open to let in the sunlight.


  • Turn the lights on before showings – it leaves a bad impression to hunt for light cord and switches.
  • Keep articles picked up and out on the middle of the floor.
  • High-wattage light bulbs to lighten up this area are a very good investment for you.
  • Clean basement windows.

As you can see, putting yourself into the buyer’s shoes will make your home take a whole different look!